Cousin Productions was founded by a group of homeschoolers in around 2004. We started out doing small plays and slowly worked our way up to bigger plays. The Adherent is Cousin Productions first movie.

Our Crew

Bethany Fichter

Bethany Grace Fichter, born August of 1992, keeps the crew in order with her organization skills. She also is head costume designer, as well as director for most of Cousin Productions films, and she enjoys the challenge of acting and keeping everyone else on their toes.

Kirsten Fichter

Kirsten Elizabeth Fichter (August of 1993), is the brilliant writer who provides all the scripts for the films, plays, etc. When she is not feverishly typing away on her laptop, she likes to spend time writing music at the piano.

Mark Bixler Jr.

The mind behind the graphics, Mark Andrew Bixler Jr. (born September of 1995) is the cinematographer as well as the main graphic designer of Cousin Productions. In addition to acting, he likes 3-D modeling things during his free time.

Jessica Fichter

Jessica Brianne Fichter was born in May of 1995 and enjoys baking up new recipes in the kitchen and posting on her blog. Because of her comedic streak, it is not a surprise that she ends up with the humorous characters of the films. In addition to helping with set design, Jess also is head of photography, and loves capturing our idiomatic sequences behind the scenes.

Emily Bixler

Born in June of 1993, Emily Carol Bixler loves spending time taking care of animals as well as playing the violin. Besides acting, she is a great help in the costume design area with her wonderful talent for sewing.